Digital publishing is taking over!
Whether it's the latest novel or today's newspaper - it's now available for download on platforms ranging from the ultra-portable Kindle Reader to your home PC, from iPads and other tablet computers to your mobile phone.
YOUR book deserves the exposure and opportunity of today's digital marketplace!

So how can Seven Kings eBook Services help?
Creating an eBook that displays effectively across the full range of formats and devices is by no means a trivial undertaking. The content could need to fit the 5" screen of a Kindle Reader, a 9" iPad or a full-sized computer screen. Pictures, diagrams and special text layout all need particular care. Automatic conversion rarely gives a satisfactory result.
Seven Kings eBook Services will manually convert your book into both of the popular formats - MOBI  (Amazon Kindle) and EPUB (Sony, Apple etc). Where we consider that the original layout cannot be effectively reproduced as an eBook we will advise and suggest an alternative.
Send us your book as a Word document, HTML, PDF or in just about any other format. We can even accept a printed copy for scanning and OCR (Optical Character Reading), though this is a laborious process and will cost extra.
What will it cost?
To create a moderate-length book laid out in standard paragraphs and chapters, with no more than a dozen pictures, our standard price is £100. If you have special requirements, ask for a quote.
How long will it take?
Normally, you will receive EPUB and MOBI files within a week. Often it can be faster if needed.

About Seven Kings eBook Services
It all started when the owner of long-established book publishing company DESERT ISLAND BOOKS realised his catalogue had to be made available digitally for today's market. We looked at the poor quality of many published eBooks and knew we could do better! We understand books, we understand eBooks. We take the trouble to get it right for YOUR book.
We have special knowledge and experience regarding books with musical content.
Based in London U.K., while working on your project we will be fully available by email and telephone.
Please contact to discuss your requirements.